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︎Concept Development Phase

Nike Joyride HOI NYC

The Mill was asked to create an interactive and experiental experience at Nike House of Innovation NYC for Nike’s new running shoe Joyride.

On contractor senior designer level, we worked with The Mill to create initial concepts of the interactive and experiential experience.


What we did
︎︎︎Design support on Environmental and Interaction Design
Created at The Mill

︎︎︎Rama Allen

Creative Lead
︎︎︎Michael Dunkley, Joyce N. Ho

Technical Lead
︎︎︎Jimmy Gass

︎︎︎Katie Kolombatovich

︎︎︎Sabri Akın, Joyce N. Ho, Pedro Piccinini Eddie Song, Daveion Thompson, Mikhael Villegas

︎︎︎Nick Couret-Chailloux, Michael Dunkley, Sands Fish, Jimmy Gass, Ren Hsien-Hsu, Kim Kohler, Richard Lapham, Fabio Piparo, Xuan Seifert, Jeffrey Wang

︎First Video: Courtesy of Joyce N. Ho