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Pfizer Rebrand

Team Design was asked to create the new corporate identity for Pfizer.

We were brought in by Team Design to work on designing the new Pfizer logo and the corporate identity.

Rebrand one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world repositioning it as a science forward, a biopharmaceutical company.

A new logo and identity system representing the brand's evolution by transforming Pfizer's 70 years old legacy logo, “the pill” into an expressive helix form that evokes connectivity and continuity with an emphasis on transformation and science.


What we did
︎︎︎Logo, Branding, Identity System

︎ Images courtesy of Team
Created at Team

Creative Direction: John Clark, Amy Globus

Design Lead: Sabri Akın

Art Direction and Design: Sabri Akın, Devin Sager, Nicole Wang, Aida ElBaradei, Mark Wolfe, Jiayue Li, Ioan Butiu, Jeremy Mickel, Aleksander Hamid, Shannon Jager, Edan Esinly

Pfizer Letterform Refinement: Jeremy Mickel

Producer: Samantha Kassay

3D and Motion Graphics: Bruno Canales, Luke Guyer, Nil Serraima, Albert Sanjuán, Eric Langlay, Mark Parsons

Sound Design: Jay Pellizzi

Writing: Stewart Stone, Hunter Braithwaite

︎Wall Street Journal
︎Fast Company